The Ghostly PUMPKIN of Rooley Moor

As I was walking on Rooley Moor,
The mist came down and the weather was poor,
I spied a figure with a pumpkin head,
and thought at once ,well thats me dead,
The moon shone brightly on a sight non truer,
The monsterous figure of the DEMON BREWER,
Suddenly,footsteps crunched upon the ground,
And I heard a noise, a wailing sound,
Tarry awhile,come with me and dine,
And try some of my Cursed Damson Wine,
My legs did shake and wobble with fright,
As the figure approached out of the night,
I'd heard the history of the wines before,
Never to be drank whilst on the Moor,
Ghosts and Demons after just one sip,
Around your head they fly and zip,
So I ran and ran over hills and dales,
Followed by screams and mournful wails,
Rooley Moor never to visit ever more I know,
The brewer is awaiting for someone to go.

 Apologies to Rog

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