The sheriff of Rottenstall pictured in the great hall of Cloughfold Castle before discovering that the ceremonial Sheriff 's Chain of Office had been purlioned from his private quarters. It is rumoured that the gold chain will have been stripped of its jewels and melted down to enable ease of disposal.
At a early morning press conference the Sheriff declared a fatwa on Robin Nodialhood and his band of thieves including Little Jack, Alan Ademon, and Friar Roger Tuck stating that this latest heist was the final straw. A dawn raid was carried out at The Blue Boar Inn a known meeting place for the forest based gang, and a number of villagers arrested but as yet not charged with any crime. A mole in the tax collection office has heard that because the coffers at the castle were nearly empty of groats , talk of a new tax on water wells and horses grazing grass at the side of highways, even one for windows !! and an increase in tax for ale & ciggies of course.

Robin Nodialhood was unavailable for comment at the present time he is believed to be holed up with his gang of men somewhere in the Forest Of Rossendale. A rare linograph of the outlaws is printed here ............................................................ kindly donated by the Caxton Press.
Robin of Loveclough as he was formerly known before being stripped of his Earldom has always insisted that he framed for the crime of treason by the Sheriff and has been trying to clear his name ever since, and vowed to carry on harrassing Rottenstall till the truth is revealed.

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From Constantinople : Crusaders 10,000     Philistines 300

From Antioch : Mongols 550      Old Greek Orthodox Christians 7,000

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