The campus at Coventry Uni was strangely quiet today as the news of the impending arrival of a senior member of the infamous Baden-Powell Meinhoff gang spread among the staff and students, 'Not since the Cathederal Bombing during the war has the place been so subdued' retorted one of the lecturers as he crossed the square, refusing to be indentified in fear of reprisals. Graham Carter-Nodial (BP) to his fellow gang members is an expert at starting a fire with two sticks, making a camping stove butane bomb, merit badges for the treatment of camping medical emergencies, including hypothermia, frostbite, heat reactions, dehydration, altitude sickness, insect stings, tick bites, snakebite, blisters, and hyperventilation, and knowledge of fifteen hostage tying knots.
His re-habilitation program allows the inclusion of further education as a means of returning to a normal lifestyle instead of the usual prison term after being tried and convicted in the reknowned kidnappings of Postman Pat and Bob the Builder, police acting on a tipoff from a super grass under the alias of "Sooty". It is hoped he has turned over a new leaf and doesn't return to the all night poker gambling & Demon Damson wine days.

Life At Uni

As can be seen students are expected to partake of morning exercise and apply themselves fully to their studies

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