Matahari Min
Lands at Melbourne International Airport

Yes your newshound has finally arrived in the land of Walabies and Roos, and after a day or so to recover from jet lag is hot on the trail hunting down the where abouts of the infamous Demon Brewer "Fatman" and his cohorts, to sniff out what nefarious schemes they intend to spring on the unsuspecting diggers here in Australia. Bootlegging is the biggest worry for the wine making industry here fearing a black market operation to introduce the deadly 'Curse of the Demon' Damson wine or equally as potent the Pineapple Sauvignon blanc wine known to cause nose bleeds, memory loss, and even in some cases blindness when drunk in excess. Not only the wine making but also the food producers of stables like : Vegemite (a black, salty spread similar to Marmite),foccacias ( a flat oven-baked Italian type bread, sometimes topped with onion and herb).The Boston bun is a spiced bun covered in coconut icing popular in Australia and New Zealand. And lastly found in many takeaway shops is the 'Australian Hamburger'. This is mainly distinguished from other hamburgers by the range of fillings available. An order with all fillings is known as a 'Hamburger with the Lot'. The fillings include lettuce, tomato, cheese, beetroot, grilled onion, bacon, a fried egg and pineapple. Will need to monitor markets for any dastardly dealings afoot.
The trail has led to a internal air taxi service on the outskirts of Melbourne and a flight to Alice Springs from a Mr Thinboy, travelling with two companions Mr.Wulnat and Mr. Ted Itchley.A innocent visit to Ayres Rock or the Olgas perhaps ?? or maybe not

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Tie that boomer down sport - see you at the next billabong

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