North Yorks ''Frankenstein'' Monster Claims

The locals living in the sleepy villages and hamlets of Dentshire and its surrounding areas are not sleeping quite so soundly in their beds these nights as reports of strange sightings of what are described as giant shrimps/ prawn type creatures have flooded the area's police stations.Goldfish, cats, budgies, and even the odd dog have gone missing since the evil brewer Fatman moved into Dentlitz Castle weeks ago, although he has alledgedly now left the country there remains a legacy of fear.Mrs Ethel Sidebottom of Cowgill says odd flashes were seen in the night sky and the lights in the house would go dim for minutes on end just after Fatman reputedly moved in. After a week or so the fish in the garden pond all vanished and the pet cat Stinky was never to be seen again, strange crunchy,crackley, slurpy noises now fill the air around the Sidebottom home at night and the family are too afraid to go out till morning.
Gawthrop resident Issac Witherington undertaker & local historian also mentioned seeing the flashes at night and stated that his budgie 'tweety' which spent a lot of its time fluttering around the back garden had flew out a couple of days ago and not a feather has been seen since, but a search of the area had recovered a beak and curiously some long 'green whiskers' definately not of a cat or budgie variety. He commented that something was lurking around the countryside under cover of darkness attacking the pet population of Dentshire and something needed to be done urgently. Another resident Fred (mines a pint) Truman was adament that he had seen what he described as a 'orrible giant shrimp' trying to minesweep a glass of ale he had left on the table in the beer garden of his local pub "The dog with Two Tails" whilst he had taken Percy to the Porcelain. Police in the area were said to be investigating the unusual spate of missing pets but thought Freds story was a bit fishy in more ways than one. The Gawthorn Weekly Telegraph & Argus has printed two pictures taken in the gloom of early dawn by local snapper Dai Bailey claiming they are giant shrimps mooching about in the undergrowth I have printed them here, what do you think ?

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