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Black Puddings - Bank of Print, Historic Stuff - link to Forum
D.I. Arnold Braithewaite hunts The Demon Brewer
Deadly Shrimps - Lock up your Cats
The WALNUT and the FATMAN deal with Shrimp problem
Matahari Min in Australia
Graham Carter-Nodial at Coventry Uni
Saint George slays The Black Prince at Dent but Midges win the Day.
Big Bun moves Upmarket - Meet Prof Nodialstien
The Sheriff of Rottenstall issues Fatwa on Robin Nodialhood
Kinnerton Free Morris Mens Militia take on the Sheriff of Rottenstall
                I dreamed that I stood in a shadowy Court, where Walnut, was Fatman defending

Young Tine creates a Masterpiece
Art at the Victoria & Albert - A Brewers Tale I &II  links to Aunt Vee letters - Aunt Jacks memoirs - Lawyers first case - Karswell - Hats Epic Tome on Doctors Failings.
Inside Pandora's Box : Collection of 'FATMANS' Literary Lyricisms
Inside Pandora's Box : Part Two
The Lament Of The Pied Piper - No Brats In Ere
News Archive - Eliot Nodialness - Roger (Lord) Lucan - The Hunt for the Demon Brewer

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