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Buns new pad --- Sail with Captian Pugwash -- Edwin Waugh -- The Wirral I II III IV V VI VII -- Swallows & Cuckoo's April is here --- CANDLEMAS -- BELTANE COMETH ---
Wandering tree in Ludlow ?? Wander no further than here
LEEKS reported on summit of Mt Snowdon -- surely not Matahari Min tells all
Hat Visits the old Fogies -- Budding Hitchcock Filmster (most she does are horrors) releases snaps Enter if you must       doobydoo says : ** CAKE IT OR LEAVE IT **    ** L.S.LOWRY **
Horror of Horror's -- Those of a Timid Nature are advised to avoid viewing The Demon Brewers Latest Release  CUT TO THE ACTION 
The Fellowship Of Dent -- Rog's Pics  HERE  
Don't "Huff" & "Puff" too much or you'll blow this house down  HERE  


J.C.(thats Clarkson, not 'The Man') --- Top Gear or a load of old (s)crap ? read on  HERE  
Fatman : Alberts End, Hound of the Nolans, Peckules, Vibroplant J.C.B.'s & more   HERE    Pandoras Box of Poems HERE
GEORGIAS NOVEL: work in progress ;"not since Voldamort picked on a muggle have I read anything so compelling" : Melvin Bragg. "Unputdownable" : Giles Brandrith       See what you think! read an advance extract of the forthcoming blockbuster from the pen of none other than Georgia NR  CLICK HERE  
 Will there be anything else madam ?? As always The butler done it       Dragon 0 St George 1 (final) Highlights here
ROGER OFF THE RAILS Has he gone loco ? did the train leave without him ?? click to see
Coventry Chaos Nodialnews webcast
The latest news from Matahari Min! Check out the latest news Bulletin on our Sister site WWW.Sufferingsmoke.com 30/7/08 ( "I was just a prawn in the game"  says Walnut in an attempt to distance himself from the crime ) and Nightmare in Alice Springs
Live and certifiable from Dent! The Nodials perform their classic anthem at a rare gathering. not seen since the early 70s and including some of the original lineup : blind melon Ron, and Satchmo Ray. 14/7/08 
The picture album of Dent! This is the photo album of the event. 13/7/08The video of the Dent play. See it here before it goes to Cannes film festival! Directed by  Della Nodialanavich using Sony 8 film. Starring Ray who makes a brillient comeback (from box office poisan) as St George.  The Midges where especially flown in from Sky to add atmosphere. 10/7/08  The tears of no one. A story by Georgia. 30/6/08
Black puds & Train robbers  Dentshire in uproar 16/7NODIAL NEWS.All your Nodial news in one place digitally remastered by our budding new webmaster train robbery latest. ARRESTS MADE  20/7

The Nodial Gallery Scratched and Grainy old photos of even older Dials.Linked to new site
Halloween (fatman style ) Al The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance The Definitive guide to all things Motorcyle.20/6/08
Is that a prawn I see Batman ?? or are you just pleased to see me ? TinTeen Abstract      Brewers Tale I &II
Nolan family tree. now available in Doc form for mere mortals to understand. 20/6/08
Leabanker   During a routine archeological dig at the ancestoral home of the Elder Ancient, important documents have been discovered which reveal the early artistic output of the megalithic Dials. It is thought that the texts are from the pre Scaffold era but some scholars are putting the work as late as the summer of love.We should know soon when the carbon dating tests are complete.
SONGS FOR DENTMummers Play BREAKING NEWS Georgia the Drunk! Reports are coming in of an ugly scene in deepest Wales involving Georgia "The Frog" Nodial-Rose. She is said to have gone on a violent rampage after consuming a half bottle of Old Fatman's Rippled bellied vengence. Punch This For the most recent report from our intrepid reporter in the field Matahiri Min . 14/6/07 READ ON
Nodial Postcards From the furthest corners of ... errh Wales. 14/6/08   Is it Salvidor Dali or Don Whilans before he put the weight on?

Childhood Memories.   The inventor of the famous drink the  rippled bellied vengence has condescended to submit some of his lesser work to this website instead to that one run by Bill Oddie in Sheffield or whoever it is who runs the nesthole
GEORGIA AND THE FAB  FOUR.   This is a clip of Georgia performing at the Albert Hall in 2008 Isn't she good!
Fatman is heading for Alcatraz or is it DENTLITZ ??the net is tightening on the arch bootlegger! (scroll down to the end of the page ). Eliot Nodialness and the Untouchables strike again !!
For more on this terrible scourge to society click  here.
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