Matarahi Min has heard rumours of a cold wind blowing in the boardroom of Nodial H.Q. after the meeting of the ship buying consortium ended in a shut-out bid by none other than the Demon Brewer himself abetted by Rayristotle Nonassisdial, others members included Caroletino Nopapadopoulosdial. Insiders were predicting trouble after a disturbance in the flux of the fellowship of Dent and Wandering Willie led to major disagreements over the funding for the new flagship of the line "The S J" weighing in at a hefty 15 tons or there-a-bouts. Caroletino's proposal loosely based on a time share plan was distainfully swept off the table by the brewers counter proposal in which all controlling shares would be bought up by himself and Rayristotle.
Nonassisdial was being tight lipped about the issue and has refused to comment as have other board members, the Blue Funnel and Cunard & White Star lines owner was vexed at the failure of the board to reach a settlement being left with all his dosh burning holes in his pockets. Nopapadopoulosdial Was hustled out of a rear entrance by her vast army of bodyguards no doubt heading for her mansion retreat somewhere in the very rich part of the Wirral, to stick some pins in a few effigies and rustle up a few spells and curses.
The Brewer on the other hand decided on a fish and chip scoff washed down with a bottle of the famous Demon Damson Wine.
All is not lost as your ace snooper has some secret mobile film of the wrangling have a look,
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