Matahari Min Gives Twitchers the Bird

The NodialNews ace reporter has swooped on a recent picture of a Billybong, the thought to be extinct Australian outback bird of which there has been no reported sightings in the last two decades. It is said to look like a cross between a dodo and a large Turkey or Cockerel and has a very unusual life style, reportedly collecting odd items left at watering holes such as brewing cans, and knives,folks,and spoons no matter how bent and twisted they are. It carries the can wedged between its wings and fashions a frame out of Bunyip vine using the very powerful parrot like beak, then attaches the cutlery with old bits of string or thread. The purpose of this behaviour is as of yet not known, although it was assumed at one time to be a sort of courtship ritual as only the males seem to practise it. One of the last known living Billybongs was a bird kept by a Auntiemean (name and address withheld) somewhere in NW England and was last seen paddling out to sea past Hilbre Island using the billy can as a boat and its wings as oars after being blown off the back seat of a ZZR1100 (more grunt than a million pigs) piloted by a Mr David Greenwood, who was taking the bird for a morning constitutional.Natural historians believe that the species was bred by ancient Aboriginal or Torres tribes cross breeding a dodo and a turkey or large chicken, this resulted in a bird that because of the wing shape and weight could not fly (didn't they say that about bumble bees) this suited the native Aussies as they were too lazy to chase after them.
The location at which the picture was taken is being kept secret and the background has been digital changed to make recognition of the site almost impossible.

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