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Read Auntie Vee's recollections, Bobby & Linda spill the beans. Family history in doc format. Family history in diagram view. Perkins Beach all the gen.
A Sefton deported to Australia. The mystery of Thomas Joseph Nolan.
Link to online census.
Old pictures of Rossendale.
Family history resources.
The Nolan crest, whats it about ?
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Hoping to reach 100 ??

Sorry to tell you that your chances are pretty slim judging by Hats family tree data, the oldest ancestor managed 89 years a lot short of a Queens telegram (these days replaced by the card above). Best hope is you are carrying a Dutton or Hale gene or two and eat a lot of fish !

Family NamePersonsTotal AgesOldestYoungestAverage Ages Approx Time Span
Nolan3186 yrs75 yrs46 yrs 62 yrs1821-1977
Perkins4253 yrs65 yrs59 yrs 64 yrs1786-1968
Howells3232 yrs84 yrs72 yrs 77 yrs1771-1929
Clancy3206 yrs86 yrs58 yrs 68 yrs1817-1964
Twist4265 yrs84 yrs37 yrs 66 yrs1689-1894
Truckle3189 yrs75 yrs52 yrs 63 yrs1801-1903

Family NamePersonsTotal AgesOldestYoungestAverage AgesApprox Time Span
Winstanley4234 yrs74 yrs43 yrs 56 yrs1813-1978
Rothwell5307 yrs80 yrs30 yrs 61 yrs1656-1930
Harvey5319 yrs74 yrs36 yrs 64 yrs1701-1928
Hale3253 yrs89 yrs78 yrs 84 yrs1668-1906
Sephton5335 yrs84 yrs62 yrs 67 yrs1567-1964
Phythian3228 yrs78 yrs74 yrs 76 yrs1747-1874
Culshaw4245 yrs67 yrs56 yrs 61 yrs1744-1846
Robinson3196 yrs75 yrs49 yrs 65 yrs1711-1854
Dutton3243 yrs82 yrs80 yrs 81 yrs1765-1895
Spencer6326 yrs74 yrs42 yrs 54 yrs1756-1889
Files5301 yrs76 yrs43 yrs 60 yrs1667-1882
Meadow3237 yrs83 yrs75 yrs 79 yrs1617-1757
Mellings4215 yrs68 yrs35 yrs 54 yrs1772-1886

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