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The Inquest on Thomas Joseph Nolan
Inquest papers from Liverpool in 1942.

Vera's Version
Vera remembering life at 51 Great Howard Street in the 1940's.

Vera 2
Aunty Vee remembers the Winstanley sisters.

More Old Timers Reminisce
Uncle Robert gets in on the act. And Linda puts in her tuppenceworth.

The Nodial Family History Files
Family files in DOC format. All you never wanted to know about boring forebearers. or  HTML here.

Descent of the Dials
The above mentioned Nodial forbearers on one diagram.

Perkins Beach, Shropshire
Home of 19th century
Perkin lead miners.

The Liver Goal Birds
An account of the transportation of Ellen Sefton and Ellen Connolly

Census online

The Nolan Family

Nolan Crest

Nolan Families

Photos of Rossendale from the past

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