This at the present moment is the largest boat lift in the world, construction started in 1982 and took till 2002 to complete due to the massive reconstruction of the canal system required to uprate it to enable boats of 1,350 tons to pass through.Everything about the lift is big the two carriers weigh between 7,200 tons and 8,400 tons are 112 mtrs x 12 mtrs with a 4.15 mtrs water depth, suspended on 112 x 3" cables for counterbalance and 32 cables to lower and lift. Four electric motors power eight geared winches for each of the carriers and it takes seven minutes to travel the 73.15 mtrs from the River Meuse to the River Scheidt, the total cost was approx 104,000,000.

All of the waterway approaches are newly dug by-passing the old route with its two locks and four sixteen mtrs lifts which were limited to 300 ton max weight, they are still in use for pleasure and small craft.If you fancy a ride on it, there are seats for passengers and it costs about 4 for a one way trip, which is a rate of 18 mtrs for a 1.

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