Century 5                                                                       Century 6

1.Before the coming of Celtic ruin, In the temple two will parley Pike and dagger to the heart of one mounted on the steed, They will bury the great one without making any noise.

2.Seven conspirators at the banquet will cause to flash The iron out of the ship against the three: One will have the two fleets brought to the great one, When through the evil the latter shoots him in the forehead.

3.The successor to the Duchy will come, Very far beyond the Tuscan Sea: A Gallic branch will hold Florence, The nautical Frog in its gyron be agreement.

4.The large mastiff expelled from the city Will be vexed by the strange alliance, After having chased the stag to the fields The wolf and the Bear will defy each other.

5.Under the shadowy pretense of removing servitude, He will himself usurp the people and city: He will do worse because of the deceit of the young prostitute, Delivered in the field reading the false poem.

6.The Augur putting his hand upon the head of the King Will come to pray for the peace of Italy: He will come to move the sceptre to his left hand, From King he will become pacific Emperor.


The bones of the Triumvir will be found, Looking for a deep enigmatic treasure: Those from thereabouts will not be at rest, Digging for this thing of marble and metallic lead.

8.There will be unleashed live fire, hidden death, Horrible and frightful within the globes, By night the city reduced to dust by the fleet, The city afire, the enemy amenable.

9.The great arch demolished down to its base, By the chief captive his friend forestalled, He will be born of the lady with hairy forehead and face, Then through cunning the Duke overtaken by death.

10.A Celtic chief wounded in the conflict Seeing death overtaking his men near a cellar: Pressed by blood and wounds and enemies, And relief by four unknown ones.

11.The sea will not be passed over safely by those of the Sun, Those of Venus will hold all Africa: Saturn will no longer occupy their realm, And the Asiatic part will change.

12.To near the Lake of Geneva will it be conducted, By the foreign maiden wishing to betray the city: Before its murder at Augsburg the great suite, And those of the Rhine will come to invade it.

13.With great fury the Roman Belgian King Will want to vex the barbarian with his phalanx: Fury gnashing, he will chase the African people From the Pannonias to the pillars of Hercules.

14.Saturn and Mars in Leo Spain captive, By the African chief trapped in the conflict, Near Malta, 'Herodde' taken alive, And the Roman sceptre will be struck down by the Cock.

15.The great Pontiff taken captive while navigating, The great one thereafter to fail the clergy in tumult: Second one elected absent his estate declines, His favorite bastard to death broken on the wheel.

16.The Sabaean tear no longer at its high price, Turning human flesh into ashes through death, At the isle of Pharos disturbed by the Crusaders, When at Rhodes will appear a hard phantom.

17.By night the King passing near an Alley, He of Cyprus and the principal guard: The King mistaken, the hand flees the length of the RhТne, The conspirators will set out to put him to death.

18.The unhappy abandoned one will die of grief, His conqueress will celebrate the hecatomb: Pristine law, free edict drawn up, The wall and the Prince falls on the seventh day.

19.The great Royal one of gold, augmented by brass, The agreement broken, war opened by a young man: People afflicted because of a lamented chief, The land will be covered with barbarian blood.

20.The great army will pass beyond the Alps, Shortly before will be born a monster scoundrel: Prodigious and sudden he will turn The great Tuscan to his nearest place.

21.By the death of the Latin Monarch, Those whom he will have assisted through his reign: The fire will light up again the booty divided, Public death for the bold ones who incurred it.

22.Before the great one has given up the ghost at Rome, Great terror for the foreign army: The ambush by squadrons near Parma, Then the two red ones will celebrate together.

23.The two contented ones will be united together, When for the most part they will be conjoined with Mars: The great one of Africa trembles in terror, Duumvirate disjoined by the fleet.

24.The realm and law raised under Venus, Saturn will have dominion over Jupiter: The law and realm raised by the Sun, Through those of Saturn it will suffer the worst.

25.The Arab Prince Mars, Sun, Venus, Leo, The rule of the Church will succumb by sea: Towards Persia very nearly a million men, The true serpent will invade Byzantium and Egypt.

26.The slavish people through luck in war Will become elevated to a very high degree: They will change their Prince, one born a provincial, An army raised in the mountains to pass over the sea.

27.Through fire and arms not far from the Black Sea, He will come from Persia to occupy Trebizond: Pharos, Mytilene to tremble, the Sun joyful, The Adriatic Sea covered with Arab blood.

28.His arm hung and leg bound, Face pale, dagger hidden in his bosom, Three who will be sworn in the fray Against the great one of Genoa will the steel be unleashed.

29.Liberty will not be recovered, A proud, villainous, wicked black one will occupy it, When the matter of the bridge will be opened, The republic of Venice vexed by the Danube.

30.All around the great city Soldiers will be lodged throughout the fields and towns: To give the assault Paris, Rome incited, Then upon the bridge great pillage will be carried out.

31.Through the Attic land fountain of wisdom, At present the rose of the world: The bridge ruined, and its great pre-eminence Will be subjected, a wreck amidst the waves.

32.Where all is good, the Sun all beneficial and the Moon Is abundant, its ruin approaches: From the sky it advances to change your fortune. In the same state as the seventh rock.

33.Of the principal ones of the city in rebellion Who will strive mightily to recover their liberty: The males cut up, unhappy fray, Cries, groans at Nantes pitiful to see.

34.From the deepest part of the English West Where the head of the British isle is A fleet will enter the Gironde through Blois, Through wine and salt, fires hidden in the casks.

35.For the free city of the great Crescent sea, Which still carries the stone in its stomach, The English fleet will come under the drizzle To seize a branch, war opened by the great one.

36.The sister's brother through the quarrel and deceit Will come to mix dew in the mineral: On the cake given to the slow old woman, She dies tasting it she will be simple and rustic.

37.Three hundred will be in accord with one will To come to the execution of their blow, Twenty months after all memory Their king betrayed simulating feigned hate.

38.He who will succeed the great monarch on his death Will lead an illicit and wanton life: Through nonchalance he will give way to all, So that in the end the Salic law will fail.

39.Issued from the true branch of the fleur-de-lys, Placed and lodged as heir of Etruria: His ancient blood woven by long hand, He will cause the escutcheon of Florence to bloom.

40.The blood royal will be so very mixed, Gauls will be constrained by Hesperia: One will wait until his term has expired, And until the memory of his voice has perished.

41.Born in the shadows and during a dark day, He will be sovereign in realm and goodness: He will cause his blood to rise again in the ancient urn, Renewing the age of gold for that of brass.

42.Mars raised to his highest belfry Will cause the Savoyards to withdraw from France: The Lombard people will cause very great terror To those of the Eagle included under the Balance.

43.The great ruin of the holy things is not far off, Provence, Naples, Sicily, SИes and Pons: In Germany, at the Rhine and Cologne, Vexed to death by all those of Mainz.

44.On sea the red one will be taken by pirates, Because of him peace will be troubled: Anger and greed will he expse through a false act, The army doubled by the great Pontiff.

45.The great Empire will soon be desolated And transferred to near the Ardennes: The two bastards beheaded by the oldest one, And Bronzebeard the hawk-nose will reign.

46.Quarrels and new schism by the red hats When the Sabine will have been elected: They will produce great sophism against him, And Rome will be injured by those of Alba.

47.The great Arab will march far forward, He will be betrayed by the Byzantinians: Ancient Rhodes will come to meet him, And greater harm through the Austrian Hungarians.

48.After the great affliction of the sceptre, Two enemies will be defeated by them: A fleet from Africa will appear before the Hungarians, By land and sea horrible deeds will take place.

49.Not from Spain but from ancient France Will one be elected for the trembling bark, To the enemy will a promise be made, He who will cause a cruel plague in his realm.

50.The year that the brothers of the lily come of age, One of them will hold the great 'Romania': The mountains to tremble, Latin passage opened, Agreement to march against the fort of Armenia.

51.The people of Dacia, England, Poland And of Bohemia will make a new league: To pass beyond the pillars of Hercules, The Barcelonans and Tuscans will prepare a cruel plot.

52.There will be a King who will give opposition, The exiles raised over the realm: The pure poor people to swim in blood, And for a long time will he flourish under such a device.

53.The law of the Sun and of Venus in strife, Appropriating the spirit of prophecy: Neither the one nor the other will be understood, The law of the great Messiah will hold through the Sun.

54.From beyond the Black Sea and great Tartary, There will be a King who will come to see Gaul, He will pierce through 'Alania' and Armenia, And within Byzantium will he leave his bloody rod.

55.In the country of Arabia Felix There will be born one powerful in the law of Mahomet: To vex Spain, to conquer Grenada, And more by sea against the Ligurian people.

56.Through the death of the very old Pontiff A Roman of good age will be elected, Of him it will be said that he weakens his see, But long will he sit and in biting activity.

57.There will go from Mont Gaussier and 'Aventin,' One who through the hole will warn the army: Between two rocks will the booty be taken, Of Sectus' mausoleum the renown to fail.

58.By the aqueduct of UzÐ¥s over the Gard, Through the forest and inaccessible mountain, In the middle of the bridge there will be cut in the fist The chief of NÐ?mes who will be very terrible.

59.Too long a stay for the English chief at NÐ?mes, Towards Spain Redbeard to the rescue: Many will die by war opened that day, When a bearded star will fall in Artois.

60.By the shaven head a very bad choice will come to be made, Overburdened he will not pass the gate: He will speak with such great fury and rage, That to fire and blood he will consign the entire sex.

61.The child of the great one not by his birth, He will subjugate the high Apenine mountains: He will cause all those of the balance to tremble, And from the Pyrenees to Mont Cenis.

62.One will see blood to rain on the rocks, Sun in the East, Saturn in the West: Near Orgon war, at Rome great evil to be seen, Ships sunk to the bottom, and the Tridental taken.

63.From the vain enterprise honor and undue complaint, Boats tossed about among the Latins, cold, hunger, waves Not far from the Tiber the land stained with blood, And diverse plagues will be upon mankind.

64.Those assembled by the tranquility of the great number, By land and sea counsel countermanded: Near 'Antonne' Genoa, Nice in the shadow Through fields and towns in revolt against the chief.

65.Come suddenly the terror will be great, Hidden by the principal ones of the affair: And the lady on the charcoal will no longer be in sight, Thus little by little will the great ones be angered.

66.Under the ancient vestal edifices, Not far from the ruined aqueduct: The glittering metals are of the Sun and Moon, The lamp of Trajan engraved with gold burning.

67.When the chief of Perugia will not venture his tunic Sense under cover to strip himself quite naked: Seven will be taken Aristocratic deed, Father and son dead through a point in the collar.

68.In the Danube and of the Rhine will come to drink The great Camel, not repenting it: Those of the RhТne to tremble, and much more so those of the Loire, and near the Alps the Cock will ruin him.

69.No longer will the great one be in his false sleep, Uneasiness will come to replace tranquility: A phalanx of gold, azure and vermilion arrayed To subjugate Africa and gnaw it to the bone,

70.Of the regions subject to the Balance, They will trouble the mountains with great war, Captives the entire sex enthralled and all Byzantium, So that at dawn they will spread the news from land to land.

71.By the fury of one who will wait for the water, By his great rage the entire army moved: Seventeen boats loaded with the noble, The messenger come late along the RhТne.

72.For the pleasure of the voluptuous edict, One will mix poison in the faith: Venus will be in a course so virtuous As to becloud the whole quality of the Sun.

73.The Church of God will be persecuted, And the holy Temples will be plundered, The child will put his mother out in her shift, Arabs will be allied with the Poles.

74.Of Trojan blood will be born a Germanic heart Who will rise to very high power: He will drive out the foreign Arabic people, Returning the Church to its pristine pre-eminence.

75.He will rise high over the estate more to the right, He will remain seated on the square stone, Towards the south facing to his left, The crooked staff in his hand his mouth sealed.

76.In a free place will he pitch his tent, And he will not want to lodge in the cities: Aix, Carpentras, L'Isle, Vaucluse 'Mont,' Cavaillon, Throughout all these places will he abolish his trace.

77.All degrees of Ecclesiastical honor Will be changed to that of Jupitor and Quirinus: The priest of Quirinus to one of Mars, Then a King of France will make him one of Vulcan.

78.The two will not be united for very long, And in thirteen years to the Barbarian Satrap: On both sides they will cause such loss That one will bless the Bark and its cope.

79.The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings, Through the coming of the great legislator: He will raise the humble, he will vex the rebels, His like will not appear on this earth.

80.Ogmios will approach great Byzantium, The Barbaric League will be driven out: Of the two laws the heathen one will give way, Barbarian and Frank in perpetual strife.

81.The royal bird over the city of the Sun, Seven months in advance it will deliver a nocturnal omen: The Eastern wall will fall lightning thunder, Seven days the enemies directly to the gates.

82.At the conclusion of the treaty outside the fortress Will not go he who is placed in despair: When those of Arbois, of Langres against Bresse Will have the mountains of DТle an enemy ambush.

83.Those who will have undertaken to subvert, An unparalleled realm, powerful and invincible: They will act through deceit, nights three to warn, When the greatest one will read his Bible at the table.

84.He will be born of the gulf and unmeasured city, Born of obscure and dark family: He who the revered power of the great King Will want to destroy through Rouen and Evreux.

85.Through the Suevi and neighboring places, They will be at war over the clouds: Swarm of marine locusts and gnats, The faults of Geneva will be laid quite bare.

86.Divided by the two heads and three arms, The great city will be vexed by waters: Some great ones among them led astray in exile, Byzantium hard pressed by the head of Persia.

87.The year that Saturn is out of bondage, In the Frank land he will be inundated by water: Of Trojan blood will his marriage be, And he will be confined safely be the Spaniards.

88.Through a frightful flood upon the sand, A marine monster from other seas found: Near the place will be made a refuge, Holding Savona the slave of Turin.

89.Into Hungary through Bohemia, Navarre, and under that banner holy insurrections: By the fleur-de-lys legion carrying the bar, Against OrlИans they will cause disturbances.

90.In the Cyclades, in Perinthus and Larissa, In Sparta and the entire Pelopennesus: Very great famine, plague through false dust, Nine months will it last and throughout the entire peninsula.

91.At the market that they call that of liars, Of the entire Torrent and field of Athens: They will be surprised by the light horses, By those of Alba when Mars is in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius.

92.After the see has been held seventeen years, Five will change within the same period of time: Then one will be elected at the same time, One who will not be too contormable to the Romans.

93.Under the land of the round lunar globe, When Mercury will be dominating: The isle of Scotland will produce a luminary, One who will put the English into confusion.

94.He will transfer into great Germany Brabant and Flanders, Ghent, Bruges and Boulogne: The truce feigned, the great Duke of Armenia Will assail Vienna and Cologne.

95.The nautical oar will tempt the shadows, Then it will come to stir up the great Empire: In the Aegean Sea the impediments of wood Obstructing the diverted Tyrrhenian Sea.

96.The rose upon the middle of the great world, For new deeds public shedding of blood: To speak the truth, one will have a closed mouth, Then at the time of need the awaited one will come late.

97.The one born deformed suffocated in horror, In the habitable city of the great King: The severe edict of the captives revoked, Hail and thunder, Condom inestimable.

98.At the forty-eigth climacteric degree, At the end of Cancer very great dryness: Fish in sea, river, lake boiled hectic, BИarn, Bigorre in distress through fire from the sky.

99.Milan, Ferrara, Turin and Aquileia, Capua, Brindisi vexed by the Celtic nation: By the Lion and his eagles's phalanx, When the old British chief Rome will have.

100.The incendiary trapped in his own fire, Of fire from the sky at Carcassonne and the Comminges: Foix, Auch, MazХres, the high old man escaped, Through those of Hesse and Thuringia, and some Saxons.

1.Around the Pyrenees mountains a great throng Of foreign people to aid the new King: Near the great temple of Le Mas by the Garonne, A Roman chief will fear him in the water.

2.In the year five hundred eighty more or less, One will await a very strange century: In the year seven hundred and three the heavens witness thereof, That several kingdoms one to five will make a change.

3.The river that tries the new Celtic heir Will be in great discord with the Empire: The young Prince through the ecclesiastical people Will remove the sceptre of the crown of concord.

4.The Celtic river will change its course, No longer will it include the city of Agrippina: All changed except the old language, Saturn, Leo, Mars, Cancer in plunder.

5.Very great famine through pestiferous wave, Through long rain the length of the arctic pole: 'Samarobryn' one hundred leagues from the hemisphere, The will live without law exempt from politics.

6.There will appear towards the North Not far from Cancer the bearded star: Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria, The great one of Rome will die, the night over.

7.Norway and Dacia and the British Isle Will be vexed by the united brothers: The Roman chief sprung from Gallic blood And his forces hurled back into the forests.

8.Those who were in the realm for knowledge Will become impoverished at the change of King: Some exiled without support, having no gold, The lettered and letters will not be at a high premium.

9.In the sacred temples scandals will be perpetrated, They will be reckoned as honors and commendations: Of one of whom they engrave medals of silver and of gold, The end will be in very strange torments.

10.In a short time the temples with colors Of white and black of the two intermixed: Red and yellow ones will carry off theirs from them, Blood, land, plague, famine, fire extinguished by water.

11.The seven branches will be reduced to three, The elder ones will be surprised by death, The two will be seduced to fratricide, The conspirators will be dead while sleeping.

12.To raise forces to ascend to the empire In the Vatican the Royal blood will hold fast: Flemings, English, Spain with 'Aspire' Against Italy and France will he contend.

13.A doubtful one will not come far from the realm, The greater part will want to uphold him: A Capitol will not want him to reign at all, He will be unable to bear his great burden.

14.Far from his land a King will lose the battle, At once escaped, pursued, then captured, Ignorant one taken under the golden mail, Under false garb, and the enemy surprised.

15.Under the tomb will be found a Prince Who will be valued above Nuremberg: The Spanish King in Capricorn thin, Deceived and betrayed by the great Wittenberg.

16.That which will be carried off by the young Hawk, By the Normans of France and Picardy: The black ones of the temple of the Black Forest place Will make an inn and fire of Lombardy.

17.After the files the ass-drivers burned, They will be obliged to change diverse garbs: Those of Saturn burned by the millers, Except the greater part which will not be covered.

18.The great King abandoned by the Physicians, By fate not the Jew's art he remains alive, He and his kindred pushed high in the realm, Pardon given to the race which denies Christ.

19.The true flame will devour the lady Who will want to put the Innocent Ones to the fire: Before the assault the army is inflamed, When in Seville a monster in beef will be seen.

20.The feigned union will be of short duration, Some changed most reformed: In the vessels people will be in suffering, Then Rome will have a new Leopard.

21.When those of the arctic pole are united together, Great terror and fear in the East: Newly elected, the great trembling supported, Rhodes, Byzantium stained with Barbarian blood.

22.Within the land of the great heavenly temple, Nephew murdered at London through feigned peace: The bark will then become schismatic, Sham liberty will be proclaimed everywhere.

23.Coins depreciated by the spirit of the realm, And people will be stirred up against their King: New peace made, holy laws become worse, Paris was never in so severe an array.

24.Mars and the sceptre will be found conjoined Under Cancer calamitous war: Shortly afterwards a new King will be anounted, One who for a long time will pacify the earth.

25.Through adverse Mars will the monarchy Of the great fisherman be in ruinous trouble: The young red black one will seize the hierarchy, The traitors will act on a day of drizzle.

26.For four years the see will be held with some little good, One libidinous in life will succeed to it: Ravenna, Pisa and Verona will give support, Longing to elevate the Papal cross.

27.Within the Isles of five rivers to one, Through the expansion of the great 'Chyren Selin': Through the drizzles in the air the fury of one, Six escaped, hidden bundles of flax.

28.The great Celt will enter Rome, Leading a throng of the exiled and banished: The great Pastor will put to death every man Who was united at the Alps for the cock.

29.The saintly widow hearing the news, Of her offspring placed in perplexity and trouble: He who will be instructed to appease the quarrels, He will pile them up by his pursuit of the shaven heads.

30.Through the appearance of the feigned sanctity, The siege will be betrayed to the enemies: In the night when they trusted to sleep in safety, Near Brabant will march those of LiХge.

31.The King will find that which he desired so much When the Prelate will be blamed unjustly: His reply to the Duke will leave him dissatisfied, He who in Milan will put several to death.

32.Beaten to death by rods for treason, Captured he will be overcome through his disorder: Frivolous counsel held out to the great captive, When 'Berich' will come to bite his nose in fury.

33.His last hand through 'Alus' sanguinary, He will be unable to protect himself by sea: Between two rivers he will fear the military hand, The black and irate one will make him rue it.

34.The device of flying fire Will come to trouble the great besieged chief: Within there will be such sedition That the profligate ones will be in despair.

35.Near the Bear and close to the white wool, Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Mars, Jupiter, the Sun will burn a great plain, Woods and cities letters hidden in the candle.

36.Neither good nor evil through terrestrial battle Will reach the confines of Perugia, Pisa to rebel, Florence to see an evil existence, King by night wounded on a mule with black housing.

37.The ancient work will be finished, Evil ruin will fall upon the great one from the roof: Dead they will accuse an innocent one of the deed, The guilty one hidden in the copse in the drizzle.

38.The enemies of peace to the profligates, After having conquered Italy: The bloodthirsty black one, red, will be exposed, Fire, blood shed, water colored by blood.

39.The child of the realm through the capture of his father Will be plundered to deliver him: Near the Lake of Perugia the azure captive, The hostage troop to become far too drunk.

40.To quench the great thirst the great one of Mainz Will be deprived of his great dignity: Those of Cologne will come to complain so loudly That the great rump will be thrown into the Rhine.

41.The second chief of the realm of 'Annemark,' Through those of Frisia and of the British Isle, Will spend more than one hundred thousand marks, Exploiting in vain the voyage to Italy.

42.To Ogmios will be left the realm Of the great 'Selin,' who will in fact do more: Throughout Italy will he extend his banner, He will be ruled by a prudent deformed one.

43.For a long time will she remain uninhabited, Around where the Seine and the Marne she comes to water: Tried by the Thames and warriors, The guards deceived in trusting in the repulse.

44.By night the Rainbow will appear for Nantes, By marine arts they will stir up rain: In the Gulf of Arabia a great fleet will plunge to the bottom, In Saxony a monster will be born of a bear and a sow.

45.The very learned governor of the realm, Not wishing to consent to the royal deed: The fleet at Melilla through contrary wind Will deliver him to his most disloyal one.

46.A just one will be sent back again into exile, Through pestilence to the confines of 'Nonseggle,' His reply to the red one will cause him to be misled, The King withdrawing to the Frog and the Eagle.

47.The two great ones assembled between two mountains Will abandon their secret quarrel: Brussels and DТle overcome by Langres, To execute their plague at Malines.

48.The too false and seductive sanctity, Accompanied by an eloquent tongue: The old city, and Parma too premature, Florence and Siena they will render more desert.

49.The great Pontiff of the party of Mars Will subjugate the confines of the Danube: The cross to pursue, through sword hook or crook, Captives, gold, jewels more than one hundred thousand rubies.

50.Within the pit will be found the bones, Incest will be commited by the stepmother: The state changed, they will demand fame and praise, And they will have Mars attending as their star.

51.People assembled to see a new spectacle, Princes and Kings amongst many bystanders, Pillars walls to fall: but as by a miracle The King saved and thirty of the ones present.

52.In place of the great one who will be condemned, Outside the prison, his friend in his place: The Trojan hope in six months joined, born dead, The Sun in the urn rivers will be frozen.

53.The great Celtic Prelate suspected by the King, By night in flight he will leave the realm: Through a Duke fruitful for his great British King, Byzantium to Cyprus and Tunis unsuspected.

54.At daybreak at the second crowing of the cock, Those of Tunis, of Fez and of Bougie, By the Arabs the King of Morocco captured, The year sixteen hundred and seven, of the Liturgy.

55.By the appeased Duke in drawing up the contract, Arabesque sail seen, sudden discovery: Tripolis, Chios, and those of Trebizond, Duke captured, the Black Sea and the city a desert.

56.The dreaded army of the Narbonne enemy Will frighten very greatly the 'Hesperians': Perpignan empty through the blind one of Arbon, Then Barcelona by sea will take up the quarrel.

57.He who was well forward in the realm, Having a red chief close to the hierarchy, Harsh and cruel, and he will make himself much feared, He will succeed to the sacred monarchy.

58.Between the two distant monarchs, When the clear Sun is lost through 'Selin': Great enmity between two indignant ones, So that liberty is restored to the Isles and Siena.

59.The Lady in fury through rage of adultery, She will come to conspire not to tell her Prince: But soon will the blame be made known, So that seventeen will be put to martyrdom.

60.The Prince outside his Celtic land Will be betrayed, deceived by the interpreter: Rouen, La Rochelle through those of Brittany At the port of Blaye deceived by monk and priest.

61.The great carpet folded will not show But by halved the greatest part of history: Driven far out of the realm he will appear harsh, So that everyone will come to believe in his warlike deed.

62.Too late both the flowers will be lost, The serpent will not want to act against the law: The forces of the Leaguers confounded by the French, Savona, Albenga through Monaco great martyrdom.

63.The lady left alone in the realm By the unique one extinmguished first on the bed of honor: Seven years will she be weeping in grief, Then with great good fortune for the realm long life.

64.No peace agreed upon will be kept, All the subscribers will act with deceit: In peace and truce, land and sea in protest, By Barcelona fleet seized with ingenuity.

65.Gray and brown in half-opened war, By night they will be assaulted and pillaged: The brown captured will pass through the lock, His temple opened, two slipped in the plaster.

66.At the foundation of the new sect, The bones of the great Roman will be found, A sepulchre covered by marble will appear, Earth to quake in April poorly buried.

67.Quite another one will attain to the great Empire, Kindness distant more so happiness: Ruled by one sprung not far from the brothel, Realms to decay great bad luck.

68.When the soldiers in a seditious fury Will cause steel to flash by night against their chief: The enemy Alba acts with furious hand, Then to vex Rome and seduce the principal ones.

69.The great pity will occur before long, Those who gave will be obliged to take: Naked, starving, withstanding cold and thirst, To pass over the mountains commiting a great scandal.

70.Chief of the world will the great 'Chyren' be, Plus Ultra behind, loved, feared, dreaded: His fame and praise will go beyond the heavens, And with the sole title of Victor will he be quite satisfied.

71.When they will come to give the last rites to the great King Before he has entirely given up the ghost: He who will come to grieve over him the least, Through Lions, Eagles, cross crown sold.

72.Through feigned fury of divine emotion The wife of the great one will be violated: The judges wishing to condemn such a doctrine, She is sacrificed a victim to the ignorant people.

73.In a great city a monk and artisan, Lodged near the gate and walls, Secret speaking emptily against Modena, Betrayed for acting under the guise of nuptials.

74.She chased out will return to the realm, Her enemies found to be conspirators: More than ever her time will triumph, Three and seventy to death very sure.

75.The great Pilot will be commissioned by the King, To leave the fleet to fill a higher post: Seven years after he will be in rebellion, Venice will come to fear the Barbarian army.

76.The ancient city the creation of Antenor, Being no longer ablke to bear the tyrant: The feigned handle in the temple to cut a throat, The people will come to put his followers to death.

77.Through the fraudulent victory of the deceived, Two fleets one, German revolt: The chief murdered and his son in the tent, Florence and Imola pursued into 'Romania'.

78.To proclaim the victory of the great expanding 'Selin:' By the Romans will the Eagle be demanded, Pavia, Milan and Genoa will not consent thereto, Then by themselves the great Lord claimed.

79.Near the Ticino the inhabitants of the Loire, Garonne and SaТne, the Seine, the Tain and Gironde: They will erect a promontory beyond the mountains, Conflict given, Po enlarged, submerged in the wave.

80.From Fez the realm will reach those of Europe, Their city ablaze and the blade will cut: The great one of Asia by land and sea with great troop, So that blues and perses the cross will pursue to death.

81.Tears, cries and laments, howls, terror, Heart inhuman, cruel, black and chilly: Lake of Geneva the Isles, of Genoa the notables, Blood to pour out, wheat famine to none mercy.

82.Through the deserts of the free and wild place, The nephew of the great Pontiff will come to wander: Felled by seven with a heavy club, By those who afterwards will occupy the Chalice.

83.He who will have so much honor and flattery At his entry into Belgian Gaul: A while after he will act very rudely, And he will act very warlike against the flower.

84.The Lame One, he who lame could not reign in Sparta, He will do much through seductive means: So that by the short and long, he will be accused Of making his perspective against the King.

85.The great city of Tarsus by the Gauls Will be destroyed, all of the Turban captives: Help by sea from the great one of Portugal, First day of summer Urban's consecration.

86.The great Prelate one day after his dream, Interpreted opposite to its meaning: From Gascony a monk will come unexpectedly, One who will cause the great prelate of Sens to be elected.

87.The election made in Frankfort Will be voided, Milan will be opposed: The follower closer will seem so very strong That he will drive him out into the marshes beyond the Rhine.

88.A great realm will be left desolated, Near the Ebro an assembly will be formed: The Pyrenees mountains will console him, When in May lands will be trembling.

89.Feet and hands bound between two boats, Face anointed with honey, and sustained with milk: Wasps and flies, paternal love vexed, Cup-bearer to falsify, Chalice tried.

90.The stinking abominable disgrace, After the deed he will be congratulated: The great excuse for not being favorable, That Neptune will not be persuaded to peace.

91.Of the leader of the naval war, Red one unbridled, severe, horrible whim, Captive escaped from the elder one in the bale, When there will be born a sone to the great Agrippa.

92.Prince of beauty so comely, Around his head a plot, the second deed betrayed: The city to the sword in dust the face burnt, Through too great murder the head of the King hated.

93.The greedy prelate deceived by ambition, He will come to reckong nothing too much for him: He and his messengers completely trapped, He who cut the wood sees all in reverse.

94.A King will be angry with the see-breakers, When arms of war will be prohibited: The poison tainted in the sugar for the strawberries, Murdered by waters, dead, saying land, land.

95.Calumny against the cadet by the detractor, When enormous and warlike deeds will take place: The least part doubtful for the elder one, And soon in the realm there will be partisan deeds.

96.Great city abandoned to the soldiers, Never was mortal tumult so close to it: Oh, what a hideous calamity draws near, Except one offense nothing will be spared it.

97.At forty-five degrees the sky will burn, Fire to approach the great new city: In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up, When one will want to demand proof of the Normans.

98.Ruin for the Volcae so very terrible with fear, Their great city stained, pestilential deed: To plunder Sun and Moon and to violate their temples: And to redden the two rivers flowing with blood.

99.The learned enemy will find himself confused, His great army sick, and defeated by ambushes, The Pyrenees and Pennine Alps will be denied him, Discovering near the river ancient jugs.

100.Daughter of Aura, in the asylum of the insane, There where until the heaven one can see the amphitheatre: When the miracle is seen, your tribulation is very near, You will be captured, & two times more than four.

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