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Vague history of Vibroplant

Vibroplant Ltd was a limited company started by the Pilkingson.The head office being located in Harrogate, one can make the assumption they where yorkshire people. The company is now called VP Plc and is a public limited company.

The old man of Vibroplant

The old man hard at it! It's not really a true reflexation of the life style because he worked very hard for his living. I remember him lying under a road roller in the pouring down rain replacing a torque converter while at Eddison's plant hire. This is only an assumption but I think he left Eddison's for Vibroplant because the depot was nearer and the money was better.He left the gas works in Cloughfold to join Eddisons. I'm not absolutely sure but I think Eddisons depot was in Todmorden and he got the job through a friend.

He must have been working for Vibroplant, at the Blackburn or Bolton depot in this picture because he didn't have the Landrover when we moved to Runcorn.

I can only assume we where still at Rawtenstall. The location - the photograph was taken at - I think is a flyover on M62 under construction. For some strange reason the old man is in the commer van, his own private vehicle. He must have been moonlighting? very strange.

Again this picture was taken around 1969- 1970,the Old man must have still been at the Blackburn depot and the valleys in the background look very much like Rossendale covered in snow. The family moved to Runcorn 1971, i'm not sure when the Blackburn depot closed but after the closure-possibly 1970- the old man was transfered to the bolton depot. He didn't like travelling to Bolton everyday and when a plant opened in Widnes, he used this as an excuse to up sticks from Rawtenstall and move to Runcorn.The widnes depot was originally based at Tanhouse Lane but later moved to Halebank. I remember the Tanhouse lane depot,It was just a yard with a portacabin for the office. It had no workshop and the whole workforce numbered five or six.

The old man's last week at Vibroplant in widnes-photo must have been taken Aug 1981, the two lads in the background are me and robbie.The old man told me that when he finished at Widnes, he had made the manager promise to keep me on until I had finished my apprenticeship. I think he was worried they would sack me as soon as he left and I 'm sure they would have.

This is an apprentice motorcyle mechanic - no! not really it's me working on our Ronnie's Honda 125 motorcycle at the gas works in Chester. Did it ever run again, i'm not sure? The old man had gone full circle starting at the gas works in Cloughfold and ending up at the gas works in Chester .

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