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It was to become the final repose for our Great Uncle Walter Benedict Nolan who pitifully died here in 1967.

Lancaster Moor Hospital site was opened in 1816 and was the county's first mental hospital originally known as the Lancaster County Asylum. It was later renamed Lancaster Moor hospital and at one point could hold up to 3,200 patients. But the grade II building was abandoned in 1991 and is currently being redeveloped to create housing

Forgotten medical records, theatre lights and abandoned wards: An eerie look inside what remains of a derelict 19th century hospital.

A dusty and crumbling corridor at Lancaster Moor Hospital, which has lain derelict since closing in 1991

These abandoned hallways and vacant rooms are all that is left of the once busy hospital - built in 1819

With operating lights still hanging from the ceiling and old hospital records sprawled across the floor, it's hard to imagine this derelict building was once an iconic structure

'The hospital has its own uniqueness and atmosphere which I could sense when walking around,' said Mr Tattersall, from Bradford.

'You can see the amazing and unique spaces that are left behind and hidden away from the public gaze.'

'I like to try and convey the sadness of the stunning architecture left to ruin when nowadays you have bland and horrible modern architecture appearing in towns and cities. Patients hospital records are still left on the grounds of the building - which once was home to Lancaster's first mental hospital'

Hospital rooms with curtain rails still attached to the ceiling, and tattered carpet still on the floor

Tiles hang down from an arced ceiling and puddles of water collect around the dusty floor in a main ward

The hallway lies derelict. The door to the hospital's dental surgery remains open as plastic bags and cardboard are strewn across the floor

A crumbling and rotten hallway in the hospital with paint peeling from the walls' The buildings built in the previous century are a thing of the past.'

The Lancaster Moor Hospital, with Morecambe Bay and the Lakeland hills - in the distance , like many former hospitals the grade II listed building pictured above built in 1883, is currently being redeveloped to create housing.

Mr Tattersall said: 'My love for dereliction started off with a local mansion that I found when glimpsed through some trees. 'I occasionally went down with my camera to record the rate of deterioration, and have ever since had a fascination with derelict buildings. 'The people I show my photographs to are amazed by what~s behind the closed doors of buildings they walk past daily whilst on their travels.'

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