Abandoned Creepy places in Britain

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Barnes hospital, Cheadle

This creepy hospital in Greater Manchester has been abandoned since 1999.

Barrow Gurney Mental Asylum, Somerset

Abandoned since 2008, this hospital was named the Ďdirtiest in Britainí in
2005 after inspectors found graffiti, urine stains and fag burns on walls
and floors.

Hartwood hospital, Lanarkshire

This Victorian psychiatric hospital has been abandoned since 1998 but its creepy clock towers still loom over the village.. more pictures here

East Weare Camp, Portland, Dorset

This abandoned detention barracks is known by locals as the ĎForbidden Cityí.

St Gerardís hospital, Birmingham

Beds, wheelchairs and toys still remain in this eerie setting.

where thousands of children were once treated for TB.

GKN Shadow Factory, Birmingham

A factory that once produced over half the screws

and a quarter of the nuts in Britain now lies derelict.

HMS Osprey Helicopter Control Tower, Portland, Dorset

Closed since 1995, all that remains of this Royal Navy air station

are the spooky remains of this trashed building.

St Peterís mortuary, Surrey

The only thing creepier than an abandoned hospital is an abandoned mortuary,

and this one has been rotting in Surrey since 2009.

Holten Heath Laboratories, Dorset

Used to manufacture guns and Cordite for the Royal Navy,

this old laboratory still holds relics from the past.

Hellingly Hospital, Sussex

Once one of Britainís largest lunatic asylums,

Hellingly Hospital has been empty since 2000.

Camelot theme park, Chorley

Rusting rollercoasters and broken go-karts ,

make up the haunting site of this abandoned theme park

Potters Manor House, Crowborough, Sussex

With no heirs to take the estate after the owner died the stately home fell into ruin,

with many of the owners possessions still in place.


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